Ben Jameson is a composer and electric guitarist, who was born in Gloucester and is currently based in Bristol. He recently completed a PhD in composition at the University of Southampton with Matthew Shlomowitz and Benjamin Oliver. His research investigated the use of the electric guitar in contemporary concert music, with a particular focus on how its associations from popular culture influence the way that composers and audiences view the instrument. Ben’s music thus often engages with material from popular music traditions (particularly rock and metal), placing it in new and unexpected contexts, and using techniques of experimental music to uncover new potential in these sounds and gestures. It has been performed in the UK, Germany and Belgium, by musicians such as Plus-Minus Ensemble, Mark Knoop, Ensemble Fractales and the Percussion Ensemble of the Freiburg Hochschule für Musik. Ben is also active as a performer of contemporary repertoire for the electric guitar (including his own work) and has played at concert series including London’s Kammer Klang and Weisslich. More recently, he has been involved with organising and playing in the Southampton-based contemporary music ensemble ‘OUT-TAKE’. As a researcher, Ben has presented at conferences in the UK and USA, and has published an article based on his PhD work in the ‘TEMPO’ journal of new music.


Photos (Nick Rutter): performing Jacob TV’s Grab It! at Café Oto, in the Kammer Klang series, 4/11/14.