A selection of recent pieces, with audio/video/scores where available.
Contact ben@benjameson.co.uk for more information.

New Work (title TBC) (2017)

For electric guitar and delay

Upcoming performance by Ben Jameson at The Butcher’s Hook, Southampton (Playlist series), on 14/11/17

Silent Doom Disco (2017)

For three head banging performers and audio playback

Upcoming performances by OUT-TAKE Ensemble at The Talking Heads, Southampton, on 20/11/17, and by Plus Minus Ensemble at City University, London, on 27/3/18

Power Trio (2016)

For electric piano, electric guitar and drum kit


Tapping Piece (2015-16)

For four electric guitars

Performed with Joe Manghan, Harry Matthews and Máté Szigeti at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton on 3/3/16

Demo recording of revised version:


Construction in Metal (2014-15)

For electric guitar and Guitar Hero controller

Performance with Mark Knoop at the Turner Sims, Southampton on 2/11/15:

Performance with Máté Szigeti at Ludomusicology 2017, Bath Spa University on 21/4/17:


Powerchord Study (after Black Sabbath) (2014-15)

For piccolo, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Performances by Ensemble Fractales at Cellule 133a, Brussels on 5/5/15 and at the Turner Sims on 11/5/15


Chaconne (2014)

For sopranino recorder, electric guitar and tuba

Performed with Máté Szigeti and Alexander Glyde-Bates at the Turner Sims on 2/5/14


Two Captain Beefheart Arrangements (2013)

For soprano and piano


Song for Pete Seeger (2013)

For marimba and piano

Performed by Joe Manghan and Laurence McNaughton at the Turner Sims on 31/5/13